ScanApp crashing when Komplete Kontrol/Kontakt 6&7 no longer loading from Komplete Kontrol app

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NOTE: Someone at NI support needs to fix something because I submitted this request to them via a ticket TWICE and they rejected it both time, sending me a message that my OS is no longer supported and a link to which OSes are. My OS is Mac 10.15, which is not covered in the link sent to me so they are erroneously rejecting my support requests, which is why I am here. When I made the request, I filled in the part where it asks what my OS version is correctly. So, before you ask me to submit a support request, you might want to give me an idea of why they aren't helping me first. Otherwise this is a waste of my time.

(Proof that I filled in the OS field correctly. Yes, I took a screenshot before I submitted the second ticket for proof.)

First of all, the ScanApp crashes and throws a macOS crash report which I will paste the contents of at the end of this message.

A few caveats before proceeding:

1) My NI apps are not installed on the system HD. They reside on an external NVME drive connected to a Thunderbolt 3 port on my Mac mini 2018. This machine only has a 512 GB system drive and I cannot fit all of my apps on this drive, therefore I had to relocate the NI apps to an external drive.

2) My Arturia V Collection 9 and FX Collection 2 are located on the same external HD as my NI apps.

3) I have attempted a reinstallation of Komplete Kontrol App , Kontakt 6 (K6) and Kontakt 7 (K7) using Native Access v 3.4.0. Also, K7 is up to date. I have not completely removed KK, Or either Kontakt apps from my system (yet) and I would like to avoid doing this as I don't know how it will effect anything else from NI that I have installed.

When I attempt to load anything other than K6 or K7 on the Komplete Kontrol (KK) app, I experience no issues. However, if I load a Kontakt instrument without the Kontakt interface (using KK), it will load and perform with no issues. This includes non-NI ones. I can also load K6 and K7 outside of KK.

This is what I see when K7 is "loaded"

I see this for K6

If I use the KK browser on my KK S49 mk2 to load K7, I get a dialogue box error that reads: Kontakt 7 This instrument belongs to a library that is not installed currently!

Hopefully someone can assist me since NI support staff won't.


(I have attached a ZIP file with the contents of the ScanApp crash report if you want to view it since I cannot past the entire contents in this submission.


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    Short answer would be your OS needs updating or you need a new machine if it cannot be updated. Joys of working in the Mac world, once an OS is unsupported you are kind of screwed any which way. I note you cannot run latest versions of kontakt as they are not supported Anglo get on 10x. Some things are but some plugins are not, Kontakt is one of them.

    They cannot tell you if a ticket cannot be submitted until it is submitted with an issue. Some things are fine under 10.15 but some are not. If you are using an old OS version you kind of need to research yourself before making any updates if it will still work, unlike Windows macs have a finite life when the OS no longer updates.

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    Hi @mmltaylor I can confirm that our support team has received all the tickets you submitted. Maybe the email you received is just an automatic message asking you to double-check the compatibility?

    I see that our team has been in contact with you now. We'll get back to you shortly.

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    I'm having problems with ScanApp and my stuff is on on External Drive.

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