Libraries not showing up in Kontakt 7



  • Sam G
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    > @innerbooty said:
    > My first screenshot was the Side Pane view. I'm not seeing those icons that come after the Kontakt logo anywhere. According to the manual it's the Control Panel. Still entirely possible I'm doing something dumb, but seems weird to have the main Control Panel not showing up (I'm new to the NI forums, but why is this post showing as "Answered"?)

    Yeah I’m pretty sure they changed that after one of the minor updates and you now access those options from somewhere else - I’m not at my computer just now but can check tomorrow.
  • Sunborn
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    1- Those small icons does not exist any more.

    2- Your first screenshot is how the software looks now.

    3- The post is marked as "answered" because at that time (July 2023) the answer was indeed correct.

  • innerbooty
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    Ok, right! This was an existing post! Duh. Glad I'm not going crazy about the Control Panel, even though as of the Kontakt 7.6 manual (the most recent I could find) they still refer to it.

    My main question actually had to do with Library display and presets in the browser. I am curious why patches/instruments I see in the Factory Library do no appear in the new Browser Window searches I do, eg. VSL Strings / String Ensemble. "String Ensemble" exists as a Preset in the Kontakt Factory Library, but Kontakt Factory Library and Kontakt Factory Library 2 don't show up in the Browser window, they only show up in the Side Pane Library view. In the Browser only something called "Kontakt" library appears, which does not contain the VSL Strings / String Ensemble Preset. Pretty confused about that. Thanks!!

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @innerbooty Yes, this thread is quite old. there were a few changes with Kontakt 7.7: Kontakt 7.7 - User Interface Changes

    Regarding the Kontakt Factory Library 2, it will show as just Kontakt in the new browser. If you had a previous version of Kontakt Factory Library (if you owned Kontakt 6 for example), it will only show in the old browser.

  • innerbooty
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    Ah, ok. This makes sense, thank you. I guess it was just confusing luck that the first Preset I tried to search for in the new Browser was from Kontakt Factory Libary (1). Had me very confused. Are there are other libraries that might have been brought over as a result of owning Kontakt 6 previously that do not show up in the new Browser? That would be helpful to know. Thanks!

    (actually, it's very counter-intuitive that the Side Pane browser and the new Browser window are not just two different views of the same set of Libraries. But why does Evolve Mutations and Evolve Mutations 2 show up in the new Browser? Are there other legacy Libraries that will show up in the Side Pane but not the new Browser? Confusing...)

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