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The button Env-Level in the Amp-Envelope section is still sitting there doing nothing.

It would really be nice if this could be a mix/dry/wet knob, can we have that please?

Or maybe have it removed since it's sitting there implying to have some effect but really doing nothing at all I guess.



  • DS99
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    In case you´re referring to the Amp-Envelope section, I agree. But the Amp-Level knob in the global amp section is quite very useful. I often use it for additional global volume finetuning, assigning modulators e.g. trackers and more. Another example would be assigning the modulation wheel for overall decrease of the patch volume, in case a preset gets to loud when mw modulation is used with other parameters.

  • Big Gnome
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    It's bypassed en route to the amp (this would effectively duplicate the Level control in the Amp section), but does affect the envelope's level as a modulator for other stuff--e.g., you could use it to have velocity control how strongly the amp envelope modulates the the wavetable position, filter cutoff, and noise level without affecting the amplifier's dynamics. It's definitely nichey, but it's not useless.
  • Friede
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    @DS99 Yes, I was indeed referring to the Amp-Envelope / Env 1. The Amp-Level is useful and should do exactly what it does now.

    @Big Gnome Thanks. You're right, I didn't think of it, because I never use Env 1 for additional assignments when I have slots left. But it can be in fact quite useful. So my proposition would only work with an additional knob, and that's probably not the best idea either.

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