Uninstalled Kontakt 7, but Native Access shows as Installed, cannot re-install

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Hi NI forum,

  1. I purchased Komplete Ultimate. 
  2. I installed Kontakt 7 Player while waiting for my purchase to activate my access to Kontakt 7.
  3. I followed all steps to uninstall Kontakt 7 Player, outlined here
  4. After deleting trash, restarting computer, and re-opening Native Access, it shows that "Kontakt 7" is Installed in Demo mode, but there is no re-install option (see attached pic #1)
  5. I never installed Kontakt 7, and furthermore there is NO CONTENT at the indicated Application Location path...furthermore when searching my entire computer for "kontakt" there is no resulting content for any "Kontakt 7" application (see attached pic #2)
  6. When I open Logic Pro, I am able to create a software instrument and load an instance of Kontakt 7 Demo... 

So to summarize...I have no idea how Logic Pro can load an instance of Kontakt 7 Demo. I only installed Kontakt 7 Player, then uninstalled it. I cannot find any evidence of Kontakt 7 application actually being installed on my computer. Yet Native Access says it is installed in Demo version, and LPX can open it in Demo version ... Native Access says it is installed at /Applications/Native Instruments/Kontakt 7 ... but that folder does not even exist on my computer ... 

Please help, as I own Komplete Ultimate, but I can't install Kontakt 7, Native Access says it is already installed in Demo Mode, yet I can't find any evidence of it existing on my computer file system, yet Logic Pro can open it in demo mode ... There's no option in Native Access to reinstall it, and I already followed instructions on how to uninstall the application, emptied trash, restarted computer, etc ... sorry if this sounds very confusing, I am indeed very confused, and I have a degree in comp sci

Please advise, thank you for your help ... 


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    Check the following help article:

    Go through ALL the files and folders that are listed there and remove those that are Kontakt related.

  • cherryBlossom
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    Thanks Monochrome, I missed two folders when I previously followed that article's instructions, and now Native Access correctly recognized "Kontakt 7" Application as uninstalled, and I could install it anew.

    However, Kontakt 7 is shown as being installed in "Demo Mode" within Native Access, and when I access Kontakt 7 within Logic Pro, it indicates it is "License Type: Demo" ... I have followed every instruction on this page: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402377887121-My-Products-Are-Showing-As-DEMO-in-Native-Access

    Yet still Kontakt 7 is installed in Demo Mode (and my two sound libraries that I've installed that are included in Komplete Ultimate: Balinese Gamelan and Piano Colors, are both also showing as "DEMO" in Native Access) ... Any advice on this issue?

    Thank you

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Rich_NI Any advice on this one?

  • cherryBlossom
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    Hi @Jeremy_NI Thanks for checking -- I submitted a support ticket and they have manually activated my licenses so the issue is now fixed.

    I would like to add a note to indicate my support for an "uninstall" feature that automatically uninstalls a package via Native Access ... the process of manually deleting my Kontakt 7 Player files in order to install Kontakt 7 took me over three hours due to troubleshooting errors that happened along the way, missed files, looking for other solutions, etc ... next time I will be very thorough in following the "uninstall" instructions to delete every file ... but a lot of troubleshooting and pain could be avoided by having an official way to "uninstall" Applications, instruments, etc via Native Access rather than making the user do it themselves in an error-prone way.

  • Rich_NI
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    Hi @cherryBlossom

    Glad that your issue is resolved, I just checked the ticket and confirmed this as well.

    Regarding the uninstall feature - this is in the backlog of requests and will be implemented at some stage but there is lots to fix first, and other features to implement first (such as a locate all feature when moving systems), so the uninstall feature may take some time.

    Thanks for the feedback though :)

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