Does Session Guitarist have Power Chords feature?

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Hello, I’ve been in a dead zone for years, computer too old for this plugin, now my new computer is too new for some! Talking old school here folks! Been using Mavericks with my iMac 27 since 2012 with no problems, started out with Reason 3 up to 8, using what is called Rack Extentions, similar to Session Guitarist. After not getting any help with Propeller Head, I’ve decided to leave them all together and not spend any more money with them if they won’t support their software. One of the plugins was Rack Extentions Power Chords, what I loved about it was just being able to hit a single note and I got a wall a sound, like great for my power 80’s sound, which I love. It would sustain almost as long as you could hold it, it did other things as well, but mostly that was my go too plugin.

Looking at session guitarist I”m not seeing that option, maybe it just wasn’t covered in the demo? Can anyone weight in on that before I purchase that or look for another option. I’ve been very happy with Native Instruments in helping get up and running on all my past purchases and support.

I’m trying to master my 14th album and need to replace a lot of different plugins to make this happen!

Thanks in advance!

Don Johns Music

Forgot to mention, the iMac died last week, so now I’m using a new Mac Mini M2 chip. So far, so good, it’s running a ton of software with FX and handling it. My intro was a bit confusing about what I’m doing, I think some might think I was looking for software for the old Mac, but no, she gave up a long hard fight! I’m sure some will say, welcome to the future!



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    @donjohnsmusic The Session Guitarist libraries don't have this power chord option, as far as i know but some of the latest libraries of that series, like electric Mint, Picked Acoustic, etc...have a "Melody" instrument that lets you write and play your own notes and chords.

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