KOMPLETE KONTROL A61 as Stand-Alone MIDI Controller

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I want to use my A61 to control a Roland MC-101. I have a small "DOREMiDi UMH-21" box that is a USB host. I can plug the A61 into it and a 5-pin DIN cable from the box to my MC-101 and I seem to be able to play MIDI channel 1/Track 1 instruments on the MC-101. Track 1 on the MC-101 defaults to drums. I don't think that can be changed.

I would like to be able to change MIDI channels from the untethered keyboard so I can control Tracks 1-4 on the MC-101, which I believe correspond to MIDI channels 1-4. It seems the A61 is stuck on MIDI channel 1. When plugged into the small USB host box - the A61 displays:

Template 1


I tried creating 4 templates in Komplete Kontrol 2.81 (RO) 64-bit corresponding to channels 1-4 - but it seems like these don't sync to the keyboard and can only be changed while using the Komplete Kontrol software and again, I want to use the A61 stand-alone without a PC, DAW or Komplete Kontrol software, but don't mind using these initially if I can later get the functionality I want, i.e. the ability to switch MIDI channels from the A61 keyboard alone.

I wonder if the A61 woud remember the last template it was using? That would be slightly better than defaulting to template 1.

The MC-101 has an ability to switch around the Track/MIDI channel relationship, and I was able to match MIDI channel 1 to Track 2 by messing around with it but I am hoping there is a more straightforward way to do it.

Thanks for any info/help!



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