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My antivirus (Malwarebytes) just reported that this file is infected with a virus. I uploaded the file to VirusTotal, and it showed just one positive match:

I'm not sure when this file was updated, but the system shows the version of in file details. I installed everything from Komplete 14 Collector's edition a couple of weeks ago.

Would someone be able to find out if it's a false positive or a real thing?



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    If you get only one flag on VirusTotal then likelihood of it being a virus infected file is rather low...

    Problem however is that no one can give you any guarantees about the state of the files on your computer unless you have the "SHA-256 checksum" of the original file and then verify SHA-256 checksum of the file on your computer and then compares the two.

    What I mean is that just because the file is not infected on other computers then it still could be on yours... So either get your file verified as a genuine original unaltered file using the SHA-256 method and the proceed from there or you trust that likelihood of a virus is low because it only got one flag on VirusTotal or you can send your file for analysis for a false positive to your AV provider but I can't tell if they will bother to respond and how long time they will be even if...

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    Thank you.

    VirusTotal does show the checksum. That's why I asked if someone could check.

    But it does seem like a false positive as my anti-virus with the updated database no longer shows the file as a threat. I feel better now.

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