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J Butler
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I have a KK S61 Mk2 that has completely died and will not power on.

This was a unit that was swapped out for me back in Nov 22 due to a bad encoder.

Hardware support is not responding to my ticket and I very much need to do a swap.

Any idea what's going on? It has been days with no response.

Ticket # 3967459



  • PoorFellow
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    I sent a pre-sales question three days ago and no answer to that either as of yet, and with the sale going on I expect there will pass more days before I get an answer - if I do !

    Since I am not an N.I. employee then I have no idea if they use same staff for initial response for all types of tickets or if there are dedicated ones for hardware from first response.. But if not then they are swamped with tickets at the moment due to the sale...

    As for the response time to your particular ticket then of course only N.I staff can tell you that and also only N.I. staff can accelerate your ticket if possible at all that is... So let's hope that your question get spotted by N.I. staff :-)

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey, sorry for the delay in our support team's response. Due to the volume of tickets received, it can take 2-3 business days for us to get back to you. Looks like our support team has replied to both of your inquiries already.

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