Kontakt 7 player not upgraded

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Same thing happened kontack 7 registered but still kontakt 7 (player)

I upgraded to Kontakt 7 bundle but no bundle and no kontakt 7

It did register in native access but not showing download or showing in list.

I forgot what was done last time but they tied into my computer and fixed it.

Can't contact them by phone anymore.

Maybe someone can help here.




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  • Monochrome
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    Try restarting Native Access or your device.

    Alternatively, you could give the following a try (taken from another thread):

    1. Close Native Access.
    2. Go to C: > Program Files > Common Files > Native Instruments > Service Center (Win) / Mac HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center (Mac) and delete the Native Access.xml file inside it. (Don't worry: It's safe to do that as the file will get recreated by Native Access, but, if in doubt, you can simply rename it).
    3. Next, go to the following article and thoroughly go through all the steps: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000848825-Native-Access-Error-Message-Activation-failed-Internal-error-during-activation
    4. Restart your computer and start Native Access afterwards.

  • dave1990
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    Now it says just kontakt (no 7)

    Plus the serial number it different from what I purchased.

    Thanks for helping.

    I will just have to find a way to get intouch with them.

    It happens everytime I upgrade and then they have to go through all kinds of stuff to get it

    back up and running.

    I've had kontact for many years and that's my only complaint.

    I can't upgrade on this computer for some reason.

    Anyway thanks for reply....


  • dave1990
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    Sorry about the previous thread.

    I was able to get everything Kontakt 7 and bundle.

    All I did was just try to restart computer as you mentioned and

    boom everything showed up and was installed


    Maybe that's been my problem all these years.

    Thank you very much.


  • Monochrome
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    You're welcome, although I hoped it would solve your issue... :(

    Contact NI's Support Team by filing a ticket here:

  • dave1990
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    Problem solved.


  • KumarjitDey
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    Helo, dave. I m also facing same problem. How did your problem get solved?

  • The Sarge
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    in my K14CE wasn´t Kontakt 7 to find in NA

    so I´ve done all this steps written in the support-article and now? Now everything is "dead" cause after shut-down/wait/restart PC/restart NA it runs something in the background, asks me for log-in, I did (and ofcourse without errors, as I tried it now 5 times the whole way!) but it´s unable to log-in I should contact Support

    if you hear from an explosion near Cologne, Germany, than it was me because my blood-pressure is rising and rising and rising 🤬

    someone any help to this thing now, happended to the "solution-posting" ? would be nice

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