opening project in logic, BATTERY needs to find all the sounds again.

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Every time I open my Logic project, the tracks that have BATERRY are all empty. I get the "Missing Files" dial box. I hit Search Spotlight and then it finds everything, all good, but this is annoying to have to do every time. I have to do this to every instant of BATTERY. Any suggestions? Why can BATTERY not find all the samples at first? Perhaps it's a Logic X problem? not sure. thanks


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  • feed.exe
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    well know bug by them, but they ignore us, such ez programming, we waiting about one year....

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Unfortunately, @feed.exe is right, it is a bug and we don't have a fix at the moment: BUG - I can't relocate samples in Battery 4 - (BT4-2680)

    There is this possible workaround: I Can't Relocate Missing Samples in BATTERY

  • davidbryen
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    I will try this fix, thanks for your help.

  • elicit
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    Utterly hopeless. I just bought a new mac, I'm trying to migrate all my logic files over. They have a 'Work around' for one shot drum sounds, but if you've chopped up a vocal sample or something you may as well forget it. Battery completely resets all your starting locators and settings, you've basically got to make the song again. I've got 800+ songs using this. I don't make music for just fun either it's my work. Thanks Native! My advice is use Cubase and use Halion instead. I bought a mac and logic with komplete because thought I could trust NI. Losing hope with them.

  • davidbryen
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    the other problem is when I move my project from one computer to the other, some presets do not follow over. Massive X sometimes has that problem.

    I should make a new topic for this one.


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