What is next for Komplete Kontrol, road map?

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Compared to the active conversations about other NI products, so little is said about the development of Komplete Kontrol software.

Komplete Kontrol software is vital in creating the added value to buyers of Native Instrument keyboard controllers. Otherwise, these controllers are somewhat limited compared to competitive midi keyboards.

I almost feel foolish to keep thinking that Komplete Kontrol software will get the dramatic change it needs to become an elegant way to access and perform the catalog of NI products. It is NOT this in its current state.

Where is the Kompete Kontrol software product going?

Please share some info.


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    Pretty sure any major changes are going to be bound up with new hardware too. The aftertouch tags recently added make me fairly confident NI will finally get with the programme and add poly aftertouch support maybe at least to the top of the range keyboards, and also finally fix the stupid limitations Maschine has regarding aftertouch. With any luck they will also include MPE support, and I'd also like to see better micro tuning capabilities across the whole range such as MTS-ESP support and tuning file import.

    Other than that - KK still needs proper FX support - meaning a separate FX version, fx chain saving and fx automation.

    I'd love the keyboards/controllers to have touch screen displays with morphing capabilities like an expanded Kore. I'd also like a keyboard-less controller that could be coupled with existing keyboards - then I could use it with the Osmose I'm yearning to buy.

  • nightjar
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    I do agree that historically NI sees KK software as a "support" tool for their hardware.

    However, I hope they change this perspective. Their hardware being an accessory for the KK software.

    KK to be seen first and foremost as a software product:

    1) An elegant and powerful preset browser across all NI product lines/libraries

    2) An intuitive tool to implement the performance control of the found preset(s)

    3) An efficient code that makes KK the best plugin to use in your DAW vs that of an individual NI product.

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    You should be able to split and layer multiple sounds in the software, and set split points on the keyboard.

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    Actually , I don't know , prior to reading you writing that then I would have said that it's the other way around , that N.I. see the hardware as a springboard to selling an endless stream of software upgrades and sound expansions. But the same could be said for Arturia too.

    but maybe both viewpoints are equally wrong or equally right ? Meaning that both N.I. and (e.g. the obvious example) Arturia see their hardware as a way to cut out their own niche in a very competitive market.

    So they both genuinely wants to sell the hardware that they do , but also both parties at the same time see the hardware as a means of making a lot more money ! ? After all having own hardware that fits software (and other way around) and consecutively sound packs/expansions do make very good sense !

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    I do agree that NI sees the hardware as a springboard to buy more NI software.

    BUT... I am talking specifically about the role of KK software. It is designed to "fit" to the controller rather than the controller being designed to "fit" to it.

    The desktop GUI presents a lousy and limited user experience due to it's approach in accommodating the hardware controller's limits.

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