Why does this program ask for a license agreement ?

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My computer went to factory specs and erased everything . I reinstalled all programs , when I tried opening any of Native instruments a window flies out asking for a license agreement . I have sent Native Instruments a multitude of support messages for help . It has been a month and a half and this program is still not working . I am working with Windows 10 Intel (R) CORE i7 @3.40GHz . All of these programs worked perfectly in the past . They tolled me KOMPLETE 10 may not be supported by Windows 10 So I upgraded to KOMPLETE 14 at a cost of $324.00 . Does anyone know what is wrong and how to fix this problem ? I need to get back to making music . NO REFUND ! Cant open anything on KANYACT 7.

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    How are your programs stated in Native Access? Installed? Demo?…


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