Mapping external midi contoller (Korg Nano 2) to Script Editor in Kontakt with Studio One

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Basically, I'm not sure if I'm going about this in the correct way and any help would be appreciated - I'm using Kontakt 6 in Studio One 6, Windows 10.

I want to create a Multi Instrument and have loaded up two Nucleus patches and want to control Midi CC1 and CC11 for both instruments within the rack, using my external controller - Korg Nano. By default, studio one will only map my controller to the first instrument in the rack and not the second.

I don't know if this is the correct workaround but the script editor has a preset called 6 midi controllers which when set to CC1 and CC11 seems to act globally - when I turn each knob they seem to control CC1 and CC11 for both instruments within the rack simultaneously - which is what I want. However, I cannot seem to connect these knobs in the script editor to my external controller - the kontakt manual reads as if all parameters in the script editor should be assignable! They don't show up in Studio One and their behaviour when dragged doesn't suggest they can be mapped. Any help would be most appreciated.

In studio one any mappable parameter that I touch in kontakt should display in the black box in the top left so I can simply link it to my nano 2, but it never changes from the default mapping when I touch the midi CC knobs in the script editor.




  • Paule
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    Are there different midi channels for CC1 (mod Wheel) and CC11 (Expression)? And which midi channel is set on Instrument one and two?

  • Andrwlea
    Andrwlea Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thanks for the response.

    CC1 and CC11 are both on midi channel 1. Both instruments are set to midi channel 1.

    The scripts give me the behaviour that I want. The knobs just don't react as if they are map-able - like other mapable parameters do in kontakt?



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