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Now that NI & PA are owned by the same Head office wishful thinking to be able to use the amplifiers and pedals of PA in GR Pro 6 or maybe GR Pro 7? I own PA All in 2022 and there are some 30 pcs for guitars & Bass Amps. Would add substantial to GR Pro 6



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    There'll be for sure be opportunities for all the brands under NI to cross-pollinate skills and expertise. Not sure yet whether this will result in improvements within our existing software, or completely new products, but glad to see you're interested in GR/PA crossover @WilliF!

  • dctoe
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    Just kind of came across this and have to add that it would be a very handy thing to be able to use my PA amps inside of Guitar Rig. I use their BE100 and V4-B models quite often and am bombarded by voices in my head about what I could do with them together. (These are good voices to have). I do process them outside GR as a matter of workflow (And cabinet models), but it would really streamline things if integration was an option, and it would encourage me to continue gathering PA amps, knowing that they could extend my Guitar Rig. Particularly in the bass department, which has always been a Rig weak point for me.

    If you all are serious, maybe a poll might be a good way to find out how much the community would appreciate it. I know I would!

    Thanks! @WilliF for raising this point and @Kaiwan_NI for addressing this! I sit on the edge of my seat and pray to hear more.

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