iZotope, Brainworx, and Plugin Alliance are now part of NI



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    Thanks for sharing this link to Benn Jordan. His earlier video on the Expressive E Osmose was a great watch too.

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    I completely agree. He has probably lost a lot of potential sponsorship deals, but in return is able to make some of the most informative and thought provoking content on musician Youtube.

    And yeah, it is kind of a saddening thought, and Benn is most likely right, since that is how venture capital firms operate. It is hard to imagine the current owners of the company having the same vision as Stephan Schmitt and Volker Hinz when creating Native Instruments, or even a genunine passion in music technology for that matter, when they also own Ruggs USA and Pet Circle.

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    Perhaps with Native Instruments' and iZotope's help, Plugin Alliance can fix the product defect(s) that make is such that users can no longer run PA products when using Logic with Mac OS Ventura. Really a show-stopper for many, including myself. A benefit from the combined technical brain-trust -- make it such that Mac/Logic customers can once again purchase and use PA products.

  • nightjar
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    Agree 100% with Benn Jordan that adding Spitfire to the NI family would be a stupid move. Adding PA was dumb too.

    Only iZotope added something complimentary to NI product line.

    And as in Benn Jordan's video on Osmose, I agree that sampling is becoming a dead-end tech. Physical Modeling is 100% where NI should be investing. And controllers that address a new approach towards expression.

    But unlike the Osmose, NI needs to keep the modeling sw 100% off the controllers. Controllers should be "dumb" or headless". This is only smart way to evolve quickly and keep things more affordable too.

    This lets the user pick of the type/size of controller to match their desire & workspace and only invest in the "brains" once.

  • Ikatxu
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    Physical modelling is definitely going to overtake sampling in the near future, but it is hard to see NI getting on board any time soon. As long as Kontakt is an industry standard with hundreds of companies producing libraries for it, NI will not want to send any signal that PM is about to replace Kontakt. This is especially true assuming that Francisco Partners is in it for a short term profit.

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    Please do Wolfgang Palm synths : Wave Generator etc...

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    Just wondering: How is this activation via Native Access for the Plugin Alliance plugins working? Will there be an option to connect your Plugin Alliance account to your NI account? Or will it just work for plugins which have been bought through NI's web store?

  • Thierry56
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    No PluginAlliance is really part of NI because I bought Komplete 14 Collector and PluginAlliance bundle is announced included in NI Konplete Collector (or lesser with Ultimate) but after some emails with PluginAlliance because I could not get these bx_products, the NI code supply for us is just a discount.

    --> be aware : These PluginAlliance products (bx_....) ARE NOT INCLUDE in Komplete 14 Collector (or Ultimate). IT IS ONLY A DISCOUNT.

    And I did not really appreciate it :(

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    @Thierry56 It's somewhat true that these products "aren't included" in Komplete - as in: they're not accessible from within Native Access and not actually listed in your NI account. You have to download them from Plugin Alliance's site once obtained. It's also true that the code you get acts as a discount code.

    But, this is all just how it works in a technical way: You'll receive a redeem code that you enter on Plugin Alliance's web site, then a 100% discount will be applied to those specific products, making them free (IIRC).


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    I totally agree too with what lostinfoundation said

    just recently decided to stop iMaschine2

    that absoluletly not innovative form them, ans seems to show that innovation, an easy synchronise workflow are not anymore the priority of Ni, that so frustrating to me

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    I Say....The more the Merrier!!!!!!

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