iZotope, Brainworx, and Plugin Alliance are now part of NI



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    SoundStacks, the website is down... I assume it is still rolling but just got absorbed into the NI name (?)

    Yeah, 2 giants that can do great things with proper leadership, the other companies I don't really care about tbh. To keep the positivity going, maybe this will all be great when tangible products manifest or current ones get improved, hopefully in line with the userbase desires. A better installer is cool but far from a main concern so that doesn't count for me.

    I also dislike with passion the obsession with emulating old analog gear, especially the UI's, it's the same things over and over and over again, initially to please and convince the crowd that grew up on SSL or whatever and are now in their 60's. People do often associate these UI's with virtual screws with "quality" and blindly buy them even when there's no accurate analog emulation at all... so I can't blame companies that do it to sell stuff.. Just as I cant blame NI for making 1000 hip-hop Expansions, if they make it it's because people buy it.

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    Moog already moved from hand to hand in the past. But luckily it has such a big name that they managed to remain “independent” in some ways (meaning they buy them but they don’t tell them how to do things). Let’s hope it’s the same case this time

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    From Mutis: BTW Chad Carrier who was at Synchroscience developing Torq and xponent was hired later by NI before S4mk1 release. He was also the person behind stems and haptic feedback on the S4mk3 but now is at Zplane… slate digital.


    He was also at Maschine team after Traktor and before leaving NI (but I believe he still collab as consultant).

    I know, just coincidences… nothing related to management and roadmaps but anyways… who’s the actual Traktor hw manager? Pedram was in charge for the whole division… he’s still there?



    I dunno…

    Hmm... a sea change in hardware product approach?

  • nightjar
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    From D-One quote: I also dislike with passion the obsession with emulating old analog gear, especially the UI's, it's the same things over and over and over again,

    This x1000!

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    What will this mean for me ?

    Will the fact that I have several plugins already give me any benefits with respect to discount on software packages , upgrades , and so on when under the N.I. umbrella !?

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    So what's the subscription cost for all this going to be...

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    Well, I hope there is an OPTION for those who want it. Brand new users might be more inclined to dive deep into this new unified ecosystem if they can use a broad range of all the products without a huge upfront cost.

    And users (like me) who already own Komplete 14 CE and iZotope Music Production Suite 5 might be very happy to welcome an "add-on" subscription that lets us enjoy all the new products as they are released rather than wait years for version level bundle upgrades.

    Please, please, please!

    I wish I WAS one of those new users that hadn't already spent thousands and thousands of dollars on NI and iZotope products. I'd sign up day one for a sub!

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    In the best of all worlds, in the future they will all share the same code base making the whole plugin series more responsive to new OS’es and so on. Right now, PA/Brainworx plugins don’t even work under MacOS Ventura (1 year later) with Logic, while NI and Izotope do.

    I own Komplete 14 CE and LOTS of Izotope and PA/bx stuff.

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    Thank you for your post which I found most interesting and spurred my own digging into the subject.

    But I do not understand your SF Partners reference. From what I can see then the majority stakeholder groups name is Francisco Partners (does not say San Francisco !?)

    Also say that : Native instruments is now part of Soundwide ! , quote : "Soundwide (formerly Music Creation Group, which was a combination of Native Instruments and iZotope)" .

    Also , I honestly have given up of finding out exactly who is in charge of what ! You may not understand that before reading the whole article "What Exactly Is Soundwide?" , it's so stuffed with info that I honestly just gave up trying to digest it all...


    What Exactly Is Soundwide? :




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    lets get live stem separation on traktor asap honestly its a big pain not having it now that ive used it on other platforms it makes DJing feel limited now. i chose traktor because the software could do much more then serato or virtual DJ but now it just seems like its behind and playing catchup

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    Myself like the brand Native Instruments more than soundwide.

    Thanks to your head of NI for rechanging! 🙂

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    Benn has been becoming one of my favorites on youtube since the MPC Keys controversy, one of the very few who's not afraid to burn relationships with companies by being honest, most seem scared of stopping their stream of free stuff from companies.

    That was the most informative and saddest piece of content I've seen on the subject... Invest, make it look more valuable than it is and exit the investment with a pocket full of cash and leave a mess for someone else to try to solve. 😬

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