Removing Velocity-Based Pitch Bend on Nylon Guitar

DDmUSA Member Posts: 29 Member

I thought there was a way to remove the pitch bend on the nylon guitar when I play a note with more velocity? Can someone please remind me of the process to remove the velocity-based pitch bend?



  • Paule
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    Is it that?

  • DDmUSA
    DDmUSA Member Posts: 29 Member

    No..... I am referring to the guitar sounding like a player is bending the string. You can get the guitar to sound like a string bend when you press a keyboard key harder. I wanted to know how to disable this aspect of the velocity.

  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 350 Pro

    Turn off aftertouch in your DAW.

  • DDmUSA
    DDmUSA Member Posts: 29 Member

    It's not after touch. I will look for the details I once had or found on-line somewhere. It has to do with ignoring the velocity from 80 to 127 to not trigger the string bend. I don't remember if a script did this, or settings within the wrench area of the nylon guitar instrument.

  • DDmUSA
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    edited June 2023

    I don't recall the answer being so simple, BUT.....

    I saw a velocity range on the instrument options panel, and when I set this range from 0 to 100 (not 127), the string bend did not happen as desired. So.... it must be the upper-end of the velocity that triggers the note bend. I forget where this gets specified under the hood. Is it within the wrench area of the instrument? For some reason, I am thinking there is something in the mapping editor that relates to the velocity and triggering the note bend, but I could be wrong.

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