Delay parameter of pitch pedal in Guitar Rig Pro 6

MoxThomas Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Hi All! Does anyone have experience with the delay parameter of the pitch pedal effect in Guitar Rig (Pro 6) ?

The manual explains that it changes the delay time of the feedback path of the effect, but

(1) I experience delay of the pitch transposed output even if the feedback is set to zero

(2) the value of the delay even has an effect on the "quality" of the pitch effect, also even in the case when the feedback is zero. More specifically, the output becomes wacky, modulated if the delay is set to a low value, while it seems more clean when it is higher.

All in all, it seems for me that the delay already appears in the feedforward output, not only in the feedback path. Moreover I don't like the existence of this delay, I would like to experience a zero-latency/low-latency kind of pitch shifter.

Any comments on this ?

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