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Well, for a first post, I will allow myself to criticize a product and the service of NI. I have no compliments for the company.

I bought the Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 keyboard on November 16, 2021. It worked great for a year and 3 months. In the month of February 2023, the device was dead, total Black Out. Nothing. After doing the tests suggested by the NI support team, we came to the conclusion that the device should be sent to the repair service for a possible repair or replacement.

Not wanting to manage this problem, I went to my seller to proceed with this problem management. He didn't have to, but for a nominal fee, he took care of it for me.

Long & McQuade Canada has contacted NI to obtain a service order and to obtain the procedure for this repair or replacement. NI advised that replacing the device would cost $179 USD. In March 2023, the device left the province of Quebec for California, the closest place to check the device and repair or replace it. It is currently April 6, 2023 and my seller and I still have no news regarding the follow-up to this repair.

Has the device been received in California, has it been checked, is the return coming soon or do I have to get used to the idea of waiting a few more weeks or months.. .

Honestly, I am completely stunned by the poor quality of the service and especially to have the impression of being in the void concerning this repair, a really unpleasant adventure.

If I was currently asked to evaluate the quality of NI hardware products and after-sales service, NI would not obtain a passing grade...



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    Hi @Rene_L so sorry that the replacement/refurbish took longer than expected. Your seller has reached out to us last week and we've sped up the process for you. For further updates, you'll hear from your reseller directly. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

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