Changing and adding own categories of Kontakt Libraries inside Komplete Kontrol

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Explanation of the current situation:

In the "Komplete Kontrol" software, you can sort by "Vendor" or by "Category." Due to the presence of over 1000 entries in the user area and the conversion of approximately 500 custom Kontakt libraries to the NKS standard, this area has become quite cluttered.

In the first step, I successfully created custom categories for the VST plugins, and they are displayed correctly in the user area. However, all integrated Kontakt libraries in the "Komplete Kontrol" software are ignored, even if changes are made to the "categories.json" file.

How can I proceed to ensure that the categories of Kontakt libraries are displayed correctly in the "Komplete Kontrol" software after editing the "categories.json" file?

Thank you in advance!


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    I've the same question. My user-library is sorted under Other. I created Dist_Database files (.json) but they do nothing except of the color.json (it really changes the color). But category stays under Other. Hope we get an answer.

    Edit: For some reason the Dist_DB-Files work now.

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    If the colour is changing then that shows you have the folder names right but for categories.json to work you have to use the right vendor, product names and instrument category - give us an example and hopefully we can work out what is wrong. The formatting has to be perfect and it can be very finicky

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    Thanks for the reply #Kymeia and for taking the time to respond.

    Actually the problem is already solved:

    My situation was to find the right sound from my 830 Kontakt libraries. However, this is not so easy to do with the Komplete Kontrol software. Unfortunately, there is no search engine within the KK software.

    We'll probably have to be patient for another 100 years because NI is very sluggish with innovations, except that you now need OS 11 or higher. Probably NI works for Apple. But joking aside...

    I have already invested several hundred hours in programming NKS presets from approx. 500 NON-NKS compatible Kontakt libraries.

    Since I don't want to waste any more time in programming, I have developed another, much more comfortable and simple solution.

    I wrote an Excel file with all my libraries.

    So in this Excel file I created several columns with library names, vendor, category, SNPID. I can sort them accordingly and then save them in different, sorted PDF files.

    For example, if I'm looking for a specific sound category, I open the correspondingly sorted PDF and within seconds find the right category under the vendor or library name in the Komplete Kontrol software.

    Of course, after adding new libraries, I have to update my Excel file and the sorted PDF files.

    I've been trying it out for a few weeks now and it makes my studio work a lot easier. By doing so, I also took the Komplete Kontrol software out of this process.

    I only care about one thing: producing music.

    And now I can finally do that again.

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    Apollobeat.. I'd be curious hear your thoughts in this thread:

    The tasks of finding sounds in KK could be so much better... giving you your time back to create music!

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    nightjar ...

    Yes, it could be a lot better than it actually is...

    Instead of ramping up the system requirements (*), Native Instruments should work on implementing a smart manager for simply finding sounds globally! The "Komplete Kontrol" software manages VST and Kontaktlibraries, but unfortunately the search is only limited to one product in vendor. You can also search either in the user area or only in the main area. This limitation is unbelievable!

    Instead of increasing the system requirements every 1-2 years*), NI should work on implementing an intelligent manager in the "KOMPLETE KONTROL" software to enable easy, global sound search. When that happens, we NI users will most likely need an Apple Super Alien computer running MacOS 3000 ;)

    The SQL database on NKS is a nightmare anyway. Probably made on purpose to allow users to personalize as little as possible.

    Yes, I'm pissed off because it makes me feel like users are being dumbed down and only meant to be consumers.

    "Komplete Kontrol" is really ingenious in terms of the basic idea, but unfortunately it's far from perfect.

    (*) With a little trick, I managed to keep Kontakt 7.5.2 running stably on my system under MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina... This proves to me that the increase in system requirements has nothing to do with the software, but with only with marketing.

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