Kontakt instruments view in komplete and maschine controller

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Kontakt 7 being ni native product has a huge issue regarding browsing all Kontakt libraries within maschine hardware and komplete kontrol hardware controllers. I'm not talking about browsing kontakt 7 library on the computer rather on the both controller screens.

The most annoying thing is that there is no way to browse kontakt 7 libraries on the controller screens. Rather it shows kontaktb7 in it with oy few sound banks to browse which is so confusing as you cannot tell which library it belongs to. By the not all libraries sounds are shown present in kontakt.

What should happen is that in the controllers where it shows kontakt icon, when clicked, it should show all the kontakt instruments listed then we should have the option to pick the instrument then browse all its sounds.

NI can u pls fix this major issue.

Although kontakt 7 instrument can be loaded from the pc as a plugin which then shows on komplete kontrol screen as a plugin But it only gives an option to manipulate just one sound from the kontrol screen. You have to go back to your pc to browser to another sound of the loaded plugin which is very annoying.

What should happen is that once plugin loaded, it should show the plugin and its parameters on the left screen and its sounds to be browsed on the right screen.

Or what you can do is to show kontakt 7 under the vendor list and not as an instrument on the kontroller screen. Once kontakt 7 can be selected as a vendor then all its instruments should show on the left screen and instrument sounds on the right screen.

The issue is that currently kontakt 7 is showing as an instrument under native instruments as a vendor.

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