Odd Behaviors in Komplete Kontrol with Piano Colors and Ableton in Windows 10

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I've had Vocal Colors for a little while and I just purchased Piano Colors and have noted some odd sizing issues when I use it in Ableton 11.1.1 in my Windows 10 PC that's on the latest release software. It seems to be very specific to Piano Colors and only when it's run as a plugin with Ableton. Standalone the anomaly doesn't show up.

What happens is when I run it in KK standalone the sizing always works fine, but if I create a MIDI track and drop it into KK in my Ableton project, when I select the plugin and activate it, it doesn't display in it's normal true size. Maybe about 1/2 to 3/4 size vertically. I can easily fix it by selecting the plus (+) sign that actives/deactivates the Kontakt header. I don't see this behavior with any of my other plugins including Vocal Colors. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this in their different DAWs or if it's just related to Ableton. And I don't see the behavior if I use it within Ableton using the Kontakt plugin versus the KK plugin.

What's a bit peculiar in all of this is that Vocal Pianos would not install unless I had the very latest release of Kontakt which was not the case with Vocal Colors. Any ideas?

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    There are several bugs regarding graphics and Komplete Kontrol. They are still under investigation.


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