why aren't some m1 native NI instruments loading when launched from Komplete Kontrol?

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Nearly all my 3rd party plugins and all my NI products (except Absynth, which I don't really use) are now running M1 native, so I decided to run Logic Pro native for the first time without Rosetta - and found that some instruments I had loaded through Komplete Kontrol (in this case super 8) in an earlier project from when I was running Rosetta would prompt an error message about not being M1 native yet.

However! Super 8 runs fine when I load it into an instrument slot on its own in a new track (native, without rosetta, and my understanding is super 8 runs on Reaktor which is now m1 native). What's going on here? Has anyone else experienced this with super 8 or other NI instruments loaded from Komplete Kontrol in Logic Pro with m1?

Of course I don't have to use Komplete Kontrol to launch super 8, but I do need to use it to find presets in my library which is how I was led to using super 8 for that particular patch. Plus I typically find a preset I like then tweak it, and don't want to do all that work over again for instances where instruments launched through komplete kontrol when I was running logic on rosetta no longer load when running logic native.

All my products are up to date, so how do I still run Logic Pro native yet resolve this issue?

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    @Headybiz Did you run the plugin scan in Komplete Kontrol? Open the menu on the top left, Edit -> Preferences -> Switch to the plugin tab, and then click on "Rescan". You have to do that once in a while so that Komplete Kontrol is aware of new plugins, or changes to existing ones.

  • Headybiz
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    Both pretty plausible answers... I haven't needed to rescan plugins in awhile, but I"ll try that to rule it out. If it's trying to launch the old version of Reaktor then I guess I will have to re-create the instrument all over. thanks

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Yes @Headybiz this is exactly what's happening. You might need to uninstall the standalone Super 8 completely following these steps: How to Uninstall Native Instruments Software from a Mac Computer

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