Kontakt 7 no vst or .dll

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I only have an application for Kontakt 7, no vst or .dll

I've checked in all the plugins folder too. I'm using LMMS and can only get what seems to be the Kontakt player, I think 6.

I began downloading Kontakt 7 through the Native Access app and as I was downloading the Kinetic Treats library, it had mentioned to download previous versions such as 6, and 6.2 I think it was, so I did.

LMMS loads Kontakt Player but nothing of Kontakt 7.dll or vst can I find. Here are a few pictures if it could help, for the only .dll is just regular Kontakt, which doesn't load Kontakt 7 into the DAW, any help? Thanks!

Here are the numeric pictures reference to

  1. here is the Kontakt 7 I would love to get into LMMS
  2. what does load, with the kinetic treats library, is the older kontakt player
  3. 3rd picture shows the only .dll which kontakt 7 has no .dll
  4. 4th picture is LMMS plugins where the kontakt player.dll is, but not kontakt7
  5. 5th picture is the actual Kontakt7 standalone with the synth, and to the right on my desktop are the icons / shortcuts of what is installed.

I can get Kontakt 7 standalone I suppose is the right term, but I want to get it into my LMMS because I don't own a midi keyboard, or external hard drive like it was said to do. so I'd love just have Kontakt 7 and begin using the Synths from Kontakt 7 into my LMMS. I definitely need help with this. I'm curious if one of the Kontakt programs seen in my desktop photo (final photo) needs to be deleted, so maybe the Kontakt 7.dll or vst / vst3 might show up? Thank you!



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    Not familiar with that program but Kontakt 7 is vst3 only, the file is installed here by default: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

    Make sure to enable vst3 in your DAW.

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