A tool creates its own workflow

yan-dongwei Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I stumbled across a player-made tool

It doubles my productivity

I sincerely hope Team kontakt will consider this feature

As a game composer I often have to deal with a variety of different styles of music

I really want to spend my time creating rather than looking for sound

For this reason, most professional musicians choose to spend time making their own templates

But this method is very mechanical

I stumbled across a tool that allowed me to put a library of different sounds on one page and I could quickly find them and I was so excited that I immediately shared it with all my friends around me

Suppose I'm going to create a new label called "Modern Orchestra."

I can put my favorite rhythms, my favorite electronic instruments, my favorite orchestral music in one label

I can create different sound library combination tabs on the left

It's like I have a custom workflow

I can call these sounds very quickly

Even though the software doesn't look very formal

But I love this feature

This feature will definitely increase efficiency

I want to create my workflow myself

Instead of searching through a bunch of labels for a sound I might like

Hopefully the official team will seriously consider this feature

Because ni's library of sound colors is too large

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