Battery 4/Komplete Kontrol First MIDI Note Cuts Out

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I'm on an M1 Mac, and I was excited when Battery 4 was finally updated to be fully native silicon compatible, but now I've been experiencing a strange bug that didn't happen when running my DAW in Rosetta. Basically the first note of a MIDI sequence gets cut short, only playing for a very brief instant. The rest of the notes in the sequence play just fine, but it's very annoying having to move the playhead a beat before the sequence to get the first note to play. I've noticed this happen with other instruments I'm running through Komplete Kontrol too, like Heavyocity Damage and Rise & Hit.

The problem only exists when running the DAW in native ARM mode. In Rosetta there are no issues. Anyone else experiencing this?

Mac Studio M1 Max, Ventura 13.3.1

Logic Pro 10.7.7

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