40s Drums: From groove to multiple audio tracks (in LPX)

Kirtland Peterson
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Aloha from Honolulu,

I am wanting to string together a number of grooves from 40s Drums, then get audio files for each of the different drums.

At present I am:

— creating a midi track for each drum

— dragging the complete groove to each track

— keeping only the midi data for one drum per track (e.g., on the kick track deleting everything other than the kick)

— then bouncing each single midi drum track to create an audio track, one for each drum

— I can then send the audio tracks/files as stems for mixing

But is this the best way to go about this?

Seems to me there should be an easier, more efficient way.

Any suggestions gratefully received!





  • LostInFoundation
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    There are more than one way to do this (depending also on the DAW you are using).

    You already named one. Another possibility is, if you own Maschine, to load the (as you call it) groove in Maschine as a plugin and then routing the different sounds to different tracks in your DAW. Or to open Maschine standalone, solo one by one the sounds and drag & drop the audio from Maschine to the DAW audio tracks.

    Or to route your DAW midi tracks to Maschine sounds and record the midi in your DAW which will play Maschine sounds

    Or (depending on your DAW) to make this routing directly inside of it

  • Kirtland Peterson
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    Sorry for the slow response but I didn’t know your reply was up!

    Hadn’t thought about the Maschine route!



  • EvilDragon
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    You can route each pad to a separate audio output, so you only need to use a single Kontakt instance, and there's no need to separate the MIDI to individual tracks per note.

    First make sure you have enough stereo outputs created in Kontakt (link here). Then, on Kit page:

    You can also enable the "Retain output setup" option so that if you load a different snapshot, output routing isn't reset.

  • Kirtland Peterson
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    Aloha Dragon of Evil,


    (My notifications settings must have gotten changed: not getting an email that a reply is up! Hence the delay in saying thanks.)

    I shall give your suggestion a try.

    I’ve tried something like this in the past, but must have been missing a critical step.

    I’m assuming…

    … one instance of Kontakt, multi-instrument (16 if necessary)

    … assign each 40s drum pad to a different instrument

    I’m working in Logic, but I’m assuming it’s similar to Reaper… I seem to recall you’re a Reaper guy…

    … each of the 16 tracks is… midi?

    … do each of these (midi) tracks then need to be the input for new audio tracks in which the midi gets recorded?

    … so I could have 16 midi tracks as inputs to 16 audio tracks?

    if so, I’ll create a template so as to do this once and then, hopefully, never again!



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