Komplete Kontrol has conceptual "flaw"?



  • nightjar
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    Part of the rethink is a deep examination of the most elegant way to seek out sounds that approximate the sonic qualities being imagined.

    There is currently way too much adherence to "legacy" organizing concepts.. the use of arcane names/categories that have little bearing on anything helpful.

    ML can bring a paradigm shift in finding stuff that matches what we are imagining.

  • iNate
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    I think that is less of a factor.

    What it more accurately demonstrates is the void that allowed NKS to even seem attractive is shrinking as more DAW, Virtual Instrument and Plug-in developers improve that side of their products.

    IMO, NKS was an opportunistic system. It worked well while that gap was available and wide, but becomes less and less useful as the gap narrows. Its dependence on Komplete Control hosting everything was always its Achilles heel.

    This also makes the Komplete Kontrol controllers less attractive, as many of their functions are tied to the Komplete Kontrol plug-in, unless you use them with Maschine. Most people, Including myself, would prefer a Maschine controller with a cheaper keyboard that has the same performance features. $350+ extra is a lot to pay for what an S49 has to offer over what is on the market these days.

    The gap that KK filled is simply shrinking, which makes me glad I didn't invest in any of their keyboard controllers.

    Frankly, even Komplete itself is not as great as it used to be, due of the wealth of cheap high quality synths, sample libraries, and the fact that developers are sprinting away from Kontakt and building their own library hosts. Everyone runs tons of discount sales, as well. Half of Komplete is legacy content, at this point.

  • Olihop
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    For my part, I have not yet invested in a kk keyboard for its lack of physical controls. With eight extra faders or eight rotaries I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. To drive instruments, eight extra faders is not a luxury. For the moment I keep my old midi keyboard while waiting to see what the next kk keyboard will offer.

  • nightjar
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    I actually think that KK keyboard are excellent with their physical design. For real-time performance, 8 rotary controls are about the realistic limit to the number of parameters manipulated musically within a song/composition.

    The S-series is a premium product and priced within the realm of its quality. I own 4 KK keyboards currently and have owned dozens of competitive products over the years.

    I am optimistic that NI will get this right. Their recent moves indicate a dramatic shift in leadership and direction. Joining with iZotope is part of this positive path.

    The question is how rapidly can critical change happen?

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