Help to fix triggering issue from Roland TD-27KV2 using Kontakt Abbey Road Drummer

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I've successfully hooked up my TD-27kv2 to Logic via USB. I'm aiming to record both midi and audio from the module, and would ideally like to monitor the VST abbey road drummer kit (currently using the 70s drummer kits). I have mapped the midi settings in Kontakt player to 'V-Drums TD-12/20' which seems the closest option. Everything seems to map correctly and articulations on the hi hat all good. I'm recieving both midi and audio signals so no problems with the actual recording.

However, when I play notes at a higher bpm, for example a fast single stroke roll on the snare, not all notes are picking up, to the point where I can't hear anything just the tapping of the pad. If I mute the VST midi track and monitor the audio from my td-27 all is fine. I have tested changing the velocity curve which seems to make a difference but then I lose dynamic range and articulation in my playing (horrible machine gun affect... I'm an acoutisc drummer of 30yrs so it's all about getting as realistic feel as possible!). I'm using the TD-27 sound module audio for now, but like I say ideally having a nice kit that sounds correct to the style of the song I'm tracking really helps with how I play when laying down the drum parts. Endless hours of searching on the web, nobody seems to be having this problem so I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong!

Thanks for any help in advance :)



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    @Tim81 Can you check Kontakt's window when that happens? Can you see if CPU consumption is normal? I'm just wondering if when you hit a lot of times, it might trigger too many samples for your computer to handle. Other than velocity curves are there other parameters on your TD27? Like duration of the hit ?

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    @Jeremy_NI Hey, thanks for your reply. Apologies as been busy working so unable to check in on messages. CPU usage is good, max 5% being used on a fast single stroke roll (I'm running a 2021 M1 Macbook Pro, seems to handle most things easily). I'll take a look at options on my TD27, but I haven't touched the settings so far - it has pretty realistic feel out the box (I've been an acoustic drummer for over 30yrs so I can feel if pads are responding correctly to how I'm playing). I've tried altering the velocity curve settings within the options tab in Kontakt Player but to be honest it massively affects the feel and playability of my kit, almost removing all the nuances I can get out of the snare (my TD27 has the digital snare with positional sensors).

    Having researched further, it seems other dedicated drum VSTs have greater control over the velocity configuration and also include CC options for digital snares as well as hi hats. Are there any drum VSTs in kontakt that support this?

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    @Tim81 I honestly don't know, can you give me examples of other drum vsts and how the setup is done, so I can check & ask?

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