Kontakt 7.3.0 Initially Crashes MainStage 3.6.3 when Offline

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I have a MainStage Concert on my 2019 MBP (Intel, OS 13.2.1) with multiple instances of Kontakt 7 (AU).

When the Mac is online (Wi-Fi enabled), the Concert opens immediately and works perfectly. However, when the Mac is offline (Wi-Fi disabled), the Concert crashes while loading. If I then relaunch MainStage and open the Concert again it loads and works as expected. Second time's the charm...

It seems clear that something in this Concert doesn't like it when the Mac is offline. I suspect Kontakt 7 because that's where the crashlog seems to point (see attached). But I'm not an expert in reading logs, so I can't be sure.

This is frustrating because theaters don't always have reliable internet, and my anxiety goes through the roof when I see MainStage crash right before a show.



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    On the most NI instruments you can like at Reaktor switch on tracking with NI.

    It's in the preferences in standalone.

    Try you switch it to off and save your project again.


    On default NI instruments the setting is ON. So change it please in Kontakt standalone. The VST refers to it.

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    Good suggestion. I turned Usage Data Tracking off in Kontakt standalone and then opened and resaved my concert after confirming that the plug-in had picked up the adjusted setting (it had).

    Unfortunately the concert still crashes in exactly the same way as described previously. I've attached a new log, in case anything looks different after changing the pref. It still seems to point to Kontakt.

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    This issue may be solved with Kontakt 7.3.2. After installing the update I was able to open my concert in MainStage on the first try(with Wi-Fi off--the first time this has worked since I installed K7. I'll report back if I encounter the issue again when I'm setting up for another show in a few weeks.

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    Just circling back to confirm that I have now down several shows since installing 7.3.2 and have not had any problems.

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