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I recently bought the East West - Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition and it comes with a lot of keyswitch instruments. The way that is best handled in Cubase is with a so called Expression map. Usually you load any keyswitch instrument as a VST3 instrument and Cubase will be able to grab the keyswitches from the VST3 instrument, however it doesn't work with Komplete Kontrol (VST3).

This is how it looks when I load the Opus.vst3 directly into Cubase. See how I can "Import Key Switches"

In the second picture I have Opus.vst3 loaded into Komplete Kontrol.vst3 and now it doesn't work any more.

Hope this will be possible in the future.




  • Brad Yost
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    That's a function of how Cubase interacts with an instrument that is directly instantiated in a track versus an instrument that is in the KK wrapper. Not an NI issue, per se.

    I've had direct conversations with Cubase coders about this and there are good reasons why it is what it is.

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