One key is so much louder than the others

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I have an S61 that has one key (middle D) that no matter how soft you press it, it responds with a very high velocity level. I've been looking all over the internet for a solution but the only thing Ive seen is disassembling the keyboard (!?!?!), removing tapes, etc. Surely this is not the only fix? Is there a driver update, anything? NI, what gives?


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    Well if it is just 1 key, it would be a hardware related issue that often even firmware cannot address (since it is not normal).

    Is the S61 new?

    If yes, report the issue direct to NI support or take it back to where you purchased it for replacement.

    If no, has it always done this (how long) or if not, when did it start? May have something that has worked into the sensor or a fault that has developed that could be fixed by opening it and cleaning the affected keys sensor.

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    Looks like you need to contact our hardware department:

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