How to install 3rd Party for Kontakt

Shed Maa
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Are there any instructional video's on how to install 3rd party sampling instruments to kontact? I have downloaded a few. I don't know how to get kontakt to recognize them.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Shed Maa not sure if you've seen this video in our Support section?

    Setting Up a Third-Party KONTAKT Library

  • Trenton
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    The official Native Instruments website provides video tutorials and documentation on various topics related to Kontakt. Visit their website ( and search for tutorials or guides specific to installing third-party instruments.

    When searching for instructional videos, make sure to include specific information about the third-party sampling instruments you have downloaded. This will help you find more tailored tutorials that address the specific instruments you are working with.

    By following video tutorials, you can visually observe the installation process, learn how to set up file paths, and understand how to activate the instruments within Kontakt. Remember to refer to the documentation provided with the third-party instruments as well, as they may have specific instructions or requirements for installation.

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