Current sounding Hip Hop beats

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Which would you say are the most current sounding Battery 4 Hip Hop preset kits?

Thanks in advance.



  • LostInFoundation
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    It depends on what you mean by “current sounding” and what type of hip hop you are after.

    Concrete Sun is one of the latest expansions and very modern, but it focus on Japanese Hip Hop, e.g.

    Another one is Sacred Futures, which is advertised as “SACRED FUTURES unites the boom bap era with the next-gen sound of hip hop, bringing crisp, ultra-modern vibes that build on the classics”

    I would suggest to have a look at expansions descriptions and a listen to their audio demos. What you define as “current sounding” really depends on you

  • thecb78
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    Good point - I guess mainstream US if that's any more help!

    Thanks for the suggestions, just had a listen to Sacred Futures and it sounds great.

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