HP ENVY m6-n113dx and Cakewalk | Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol not working properly

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I have a hp laptop HP ENVY m6-n113dx and I'm using cakewalk. I was working with kontakt and komplete control but today it don't work after some searching I realized that the driver WASAPI (Shared) and my integrated sound card can't do the thing I was getting bad audio and silence from kontakt and the cpu use in kontakt was very high so I guess maybe komplete kontrol will do the thing and It was better but couldn't do with some vocals with audio pluggins and the sampler I was using MME driver since ableton use it but it have alot of audio crackles and It also fails. so I realized that maybe asio4all will make it hapen but in cakewalk configuration it only appears ASIO and It says that cakewalk doesn't support asio so there is another work around? I have see in youtube that others can pick ASIO in cakewalk so maybe is my integrated sound card? You will recommend any laptop for NI instruments or any other company or those integrated sound cards can't manage instruments pluggins if so any recommended computer ?

PS. freezing the sound make it works


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    Ideally you want a proper dedicated USB audio interface using ASIO for the best performance. the issue with on-board audio is it is not designed for real-time processing of audio, only for playing back simple audio streams and in a laptop sometimes it has even less priority so can easily cause stuttering and dropouts.

    ASIO4ALL may work, may not work, it cannot change the low grade hardware of your on-board audio. If you invest in something simple but reliable like an RME Babyface that willl likely solve most your issues.

    Also, if you have not done anything yet I would suggest looking into the steps to optomise a laptop for audio work, things like making sure the CPU runs at a stable full power, disable sleep features for HDD and remove all the bloadware.

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    You should definitely invest in a real ASIO capable external interface. Excellent units start around the $100 figure and up.

    ASIO4ALL is junkware (it's just a 'wrapper' for the WDM driver that fakes a DAW into thinking that it is using Audio Stream Input/Output).

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    I have a focusrite scarlett solo now It's working evethought it said it was inestable

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    Well it worked only with the instrument but when I duplicated It started to drop-out and when I added a bass sample it got worse so I increased the buffer size to It's maximum 1024 but It got no better still dropping-out :(

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