Can't use battery anymore

double_dave Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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I have made a bunch of tunes using battery kits. Love it.

Now, I get 'battery could not load'. Help guides say that means I don't have Battery. Maschine has Battery in my instruments list, but Native Access says I don't have Battery installed, and to buy a full license is ....£179. W.T.A.F!?!?

So suddenly I can't use half of my library.. I'm jumping mad.

Maschine doesn't even break things out between Battery and non-Battery when looking for drums/kits etc, so its massively infuriating.

Are Native Instruments trying to Mandela affect me? I KNOW I had battery... I've spent more money on Maschine plug-ins and expansions now than the Maschine itself, and I keep getting *****. Anyone else angry as hell about this?



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