Vir2 library not loading in Kontakt7 but works in Kontakt5

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Hello, I had to upgrade to Kontakt7 from Kontakt5 due to a computer crash and I cannot get the Vir2 library to load. The library currently works properly in Kontakt5 but when I try to add the VI.ONE library folder while in Kontakt7 I get this message "Duplicate Paths One or more of the selected folder paths have already been imported" despite the main page saying "No libraries here". I do see the VI.ONE library listed under Settings-->Libraries as an uncheckable check box. I can also drag individual nki files from the VI.ONE library into Kontakt7 but the entire library set/interface that loaded in Kontakt5 won't in Kontakt7. I assume I am doing something wrong otherwise this would be a serious downgrade in capabilities. Can anyone tell me how to get the library loaded?


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