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I wonder if this has been brought up before...

I feel like it is unacceptable in this day and age that KK SW can not directly be resized by the user. If I load an instrument from Arturia e.g., I can resize the plugin and the KK window will follow. But I can't resize it myself. This suggests that the feature of resizing the window is already there, just not exposed to the user directly.

It's 2023. What excuse could NI possibly have to leave this functionality out? It really boggles my mind.



  • RedwardMc
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    Yes there’s a few feature requests here for high dpi displays, hopefully it will happen.

  • Gob
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    I have two 1920x1080 displays, so high dpi is not something I would take advantage of.

    Just to be clear, I'm not talking about scaling the window, I'm simply talking about resizing it. Just like you can with just about any window.

  • Kymeia
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    Longstanding FR - hopefully will come now VST3 etc are out of the way. In the meantime there's one workaround


  • Gob
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    I've had my fingers crossed for so many years that I can now only play Für Elise backwards. But I appreciate your optimism!

    The tool looks really cool and I would've loved to try it out. I'm unfortunately on Windows. Thanks!

  • Stephen Howe
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    I'm trying to use Battery inside Komplete Kontrol and I made the mistake of opening the preferences, which now can't be closed as the button is too far below the maximum window size and not scrollable. So I need to delete the track and start again. It starts to make the company and the developers look like a joke tbh. The product managers should be ashamed at this point.

  • nightjar
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    So true, this is moving far too slow.

  • Kymeia
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    Unfortunately it’s not moving at all, there isn’t even the usual vague suggestion it might happen. I would not be at all surprised if NI are planning a completely new version with new keyboards rather than to make any more major changes in the existing Komplete Kontrol. I’m sure that will resize but I wouldn’t hold my breath for this version.

  • Dave Schulze
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    I, for one, would like scaling. So I can use it on 2560x1440. Some other companies that run inside KK, like u-he and Arturia will force it to resize when they load but NI products that load inside Kontake and KK does not expand. Total bummer.

  • Gob
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    I agree. There should be an option to scale Komplete Kontrol for when using high resolution displays.

    This thread was specifically for resizing the window however, which I believe is a different feature request.

    I think the "force resize" you talk about (as did I in my very first post in this thread), only depends on the size of the hosted plugin. This showcases that the resize functionality is there already, just not exposed to the end user and I find that to be a very odd design decision.

  • robharrison
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    Just getting started with Komplete Kontrol. I'm dismayed to find scaling the KK windows is not possible. I'm using my M2 MacBook Pro with a 27" Thunderbolt Display (2560 × 1440). Switching the display to 1920x1080 helps, but of course reduces the available screen real estate for the main Logic window as well. I'm using a S49, so that helps also, but then I'm paging through parameters rather than adjusting on screen, which is half the fun of virtual synths, eh?

    Rob in Seattle

  • David Birdwell
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    While the basic % scaling of v7.4.1 is a relief, I really wish I could drag/expand the window vertically into a long tall window (for using on my display I have rotated 90º so it's portrait instead of landscape)

    Hoping that comes next!

  • JesterMgee
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  • Olihop
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    New products will arrive in the fall. We can expect an overhaul of kk 🤞

  • nightjar
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    Hope there is a HUGE rethink of KK and not just an incremental change.

  • PoorFellow
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    I am sure that N.I. are aware of the wish for being able to re-size but I also think that they do not consider it crucial despite some people not being happy with it. And for N.I. it will and must be first things first meaning they will go for fixing problems, improving stability, improving the Native Access app and NTKDaemon and so on , and then and only then will they spend time on improving any visual experience albeit it influences the work flow of some people ! Of course the amount of money they have to spend on programmers also influences progress as well as it will be influenced by other calculations with respect to importance - or not....

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