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I have an old Guitar Rig Kontrol 2, and I just found out it is not supported anymore, and it doesn't work in my Mac now! I am very upset, because I can't use it for anything else, since my Mac doesn't even recognise it. I don't want to go after another controller and spend a lot of money again. These things are VERY expensive here in Brazil. It might be cheaper for me to just ask some programmer to make a custom update of the driver for me.

I know that NI is not making another driver for it, so I want to ask if they can't at least release the source code, either to me or on their website, so I can try and see if I can get someone to custom make a driver for me. Not sure how much that'd cost, but I contacted a guy who asked me for the source code, and he needs it before he can make a quote.

If there are other users interested, maybe we can share the costs too and make it worthwhile for everyone.

But really, come can't you do an updated driver for us? Shame on you!



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    I guess it would cost more than several Guitar Rigs, unless he is student/hobbyist and makes it for few bottles of beer.

    Companies usually do not release source code, so I doubt, NI would do it. In many cases companies cannot as they often do not hold all copyrights to do it even if they would have willing to do it...

    SW copyright law is rather peculiar....

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    There is a working Linux driver, though (I use it from time to time with guitarix). So in principle it's possible to find out about the hardware. One would of course set up a Mac driver framework from scratch, and it's not clear if it is possible at all. Last time a used a Mac (around 4 years ago, still Intel) Apple had deprecated Kernel mode drivers, which are from what I know necessary for the Rig Kontrol hardware. It might be that they dropped support in the meantime so it would be impossible to write a driver for new Mac OSes and it wouldn't even be NI's fault.

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