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Hey guys,

I am pretty new to recording via computer and have always just played around with my guitars and left this stuff to my band members. I am now working on a solo project and I thought Komplete Kontrol would be a nice addition. That being said, I can't seem to figure it out...

I am trying to use it as a plug like so...

But when trying to pull the interface up I get the above view.

I can load the standalone software fine but cannot seem to get it working in garageband. Can somebody advise on this?

Also, on another note. Do I need a MIDI keyboard to use it in Garageband? I've been using my apple keyboard to punch in the drums and it's worked fine up to now.

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    What aren’t you familiar with when used like plug-in in GB respect the standalone? What it opens is the same interface.

    If the problem is what I see in your picture, therefore that you have a loop wave file instead of an instrument, it is because you are in the One shots tab. Use the browser to the left and you can see all your instruments and refine the selection with categories.

    Once In the instruments tab (the first one) also remember to push where now you have “All One-Shots” to see all the instruments, otherwise the list on the bottom will show all the presets for all the instruments mixed together

    Tell me if I didn’t understand what your problem is, and we’ll find an answer to the real problem😉

    On the other note: yes, a midi keyboard would be advisable. Punch the drums with a computer keyboard could be feasible, but playing an instrument would be worse. Unless you are ok with 0 expressiveness, no control on velocity and so on (which in facts is true for drum playing too, imo). Even a very cheap, plastic-y and small one would be better

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