Kontakt v7's new Factory Library (orchestral) question

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The web site says that "the instruments in the Orchestral collection are all taken from OT’s flagship product range, The Berlin Series..." I assume that does not mean getting the full Berlin Orchestra, so I'm wondering what the differences are. Does anyone know of anywhere that has a full description of what the orchestral series in Kontakt does or does not have vs the full Berlin Orchestra? I'm guessing it's probably things like you don't get as many solo instruments or articulations (etc), but again if it's possible to get those details I'd greatly appreciate it! 



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    Wow nobody? All I get is one bunghole spam reply?

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    This is just a guess.

    Sampling a full orchestra is labor intensive. If those samples included the piano, why not just use those for the piano?

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    27 sounds: You can see what they are in the first minute of this video.


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    I do not have it, but probably not so many instruments, articulations and mics.

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    There are likely a ton of articulations, attacks, vibratos, falls, etc on many of the instruments in the full version if it's like most of it's competitors in the field. Generally speaking the full orchestra libraries tend to focus on orchestral sections versus instruments and provide techniques that add more character, breadth and movement than the Factory Library Orchestra.

    I use both depending on what I'm going for. As he mentions in the video he specializes in "orchestral pop" which is a fairly watered down orchestra and more like a studio section orchestra than a full deep sampled cinematic soundtrack orchestra which are what's provided in libraries from places like 8DIO or Spitfire Audio and probably Berlin Orchestra. I use the big orchestra libraries when I need a bigger, fuller concert hall sound with a LOT of movement. I suspect Berlin Orchestra also probably has a broader range of instruments such as flugel horns, harps, oboes, etc. Some libraries are also highly specialized such as one I have from 8DIO that specializes in all Ostinato styles (rapidly repeating techniques) for strings, horns and woodwinds.

    In short, there's a whole universe of stuff once you dive deeply into orchestral sampling libraries.

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