Instruments crash after installing Kontakt 7 Player

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I use Windows 10 and Kontakt 6 Player and was quite happy with it. When I updated to Kontakt Player 7 a few of the instruments made by Native Instruments (Hybrid Keys, Soul Sessions, Ethereal Earth) crash both the standalone and VST versions of Kontakt Player 7 every ... single ... time.

All other third party Kontakt instruments load and work fine on both versions. All my Kontakt samples are on one drive and the directories to the samples are correct. This does not make sense to me.

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Are the NI instruments themselves updated to the newest versions? It could have something to do with new VST3 versions.

    Are you loading them in previous projects in which they were already used (in a DAW)? Or are you loading only Kontakt to play them?

  • Navid
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    Hi. As far as I can tell (using Native Access) all my instruments are up to date. The installation paths are the same as they all go to the same sample drive. Native Access is also up to date.

    These particular instruments not only crash my DAW but they also crash the standalone version of Kontakt Player. I just don't understand why. I've even re-installed version 6 Kontakt Player and they all work with that version.

    It doesn't make sense to use both versions on Kontakt on a project. Their own instruments should be compatible or at least create upgraded versions of them.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Navid Please get in touch with our specialists here, we'll need to have a deeper look in your system:

  • Navid
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    Thank you so much. Contacted the Support Team, used the Support Tool and sent back the results. Hopefully a solution would be found.

  • Phil Anderer
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    I was running Kontakt 5 on a 2015 MacBook Pro (Logic Pro) with no problems other than the ssd that I had all my NI instruments on stopped working. I had to download everything again onto a new ssd. Stupidly I thought I’d get myself a new MacBook and went for an M1 with massive storage capacity etc. And then all the problems started. It’s not the MacBook, it’s the NI software. Kontakt 5 will only run my instruments (all licensed) in demo mode on the new MacBook. All the advice I’ve found online - including installing Rosetta 2 - hasn’t fixed that. But more problematic is that Kontakt 7 just doesn’t seem to be able to route individual components - such as drums etc in an Abbey Road drumkit - to separate channels in the DAW mixer. I used to be able to do that pretty easily in Kontakt 5. But Kontakt 7 just doesn’t want to play ball. Again all the advice I’ve read - including an NI video that made this particular functon look easy-peasy - hasn’t helped one bit. I’ve no idea what to do. I’m not interested in computers. I’m a musician. I need my gear to by like my car - I don’t really care what’s under the bonnet as long as it starts when I put the key in the ignition and it gets me where I need to be. It’s a means to an end. Any advice gratefully received……

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Phil Anderer The new M1 / Silicon architecture brought some drastic changes. Kontakt 5 was discontinued years ago so they are not fully compatible with these computers, also for the activation. There is a dedicated article with a workaround here, did you try that already? GUITAR RIG 5, KONTAKT and SUPER 8 R2 Open as Demo Versions on Apple Silicon / M-Systems

    About the Kontakt outputs in Logic, you followed these steps? How to Route KONTAKT to Multiple Outputs in Logic Pro X

    What is the issue exactly? There is a long standing bug with mono outputs so if you have issues with mono outputs, try with stereo outputs (as detailed in the said article). I see you are already in contact with one of my colleagues, hopefully he can help out too.

    I hear the frustration but, to keep the analogy with the car, you need to know what kind of gas to put in the engine, sometimes you have to change a tyre or bring your car to the garage, you have to learn to drive and the road traffic regulations. Anyway our support agents will always be there to help out.

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