Electric Mint + Picked Nylon and Kontakt player 6.6.1. ?

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Hello There!

I have only one easy question. 

I wanted to download Session Guitarist Electric Mint and Picked Nylon.

The description (at the bottom of the page) says:

It needs the free version of Kontakt player 6. 

But when I get to the download page it says: I need Kontakt player 7. (???)

I have Kontakt player 6.6.1. 

At this moment I cannot update my operating system for lot of reasons.

So, the question is: 

Can I download, and will it work 

Electric Mint and Picked Nylon with the free version of Kontakt player 6.6.1 ?

Thank you for the help in advance !

Have a nice day. :)

NativeAccess 1.14. + Logic Pro X 10.4.7

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  • Gee_Flat
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    Yeah, not cool that the product page says K6. They would have updated it to the Kontakt 7 model when Komplete 14 was released.

    There are a few people here on the forum who could verify that for you, because I know through recent discussions people are using it with K6. They may have it from Komplete 13.

    You might want to wait. 7 works with OS 10.15

    (edit) If you ckick on the Kontakt Player FAQ link on EM page you get your answer.

  • Monochrome
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    What is written under "AT A GLANCE" usually only matters. However, that section can be quite inconsistent at times: 'Picked Nylon' mentions the exact Kontakt version it supports, whereas 'Electric Mint' just says "Kontakt".

    'Picked Nylon' should work fine in Kontakt 6.6 as it came out way before Kontakt 7 got released. 'Electric Mint' came out before Kontakt 7 as well, but the Pricing site says it strictly needs Kontakt 7. Other websites mention that it requires Kontakt 6.7+, so you'd be out of luck either way.

    All of this can be quite confusing.

  • just_jump
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    I'd send a message to support and see what they say. I would expect they would work fine given when they were released, but I'd hate to be spending money and turn out wrong. The bigger issue instead might be the Native Access v1 at this point actually.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MusicColor These libraries were recently updated with a newer version of Kontakt (7xx). Please contact my colleagues so they can provide an earlier version of the libraries: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_install

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