New .nki instrument to listen to -> inspired by VIRGINAL RUCKERS HARSPICHORD made in 1604. Good/Bad?


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    Once again, I’ll tell you my opinion: Your hiding advertising for your payed products by trying to disguise it in the form of questions is making me not even listen to what you produce, which could also be of quality, but this way of doing blocks me. In another post you also say you do it for hobby, but selling is not an hobby.

    These are not discussions. Find another way to advertise your products

    I see someone already flagged your post, so people are aware of what you’re doing

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    As a hobby I make any type of instruments. My algorithm made already thousands of them. I build now an instrument catalogue and collection of my instruments on my webpage, which is based on a webshop-like engine. So first of all, I do this for nothing, I do this for fun, so it is a hobby, since I enjoy it. I'm amazed how these instruments are born, it is my motivation, that's all. A webshop-beased catalogue is the best choice to build a catalogue/collection like this. But anyway, you can even have a piece or package of this large collection at the same time. You buy any of them or not, now or never, it is irrelevant for me, because it is not influencing my living and kind. So it is a catalogue of special made instruments, although it is labeled with a certain "price". I could label it at a price zero anytime too, that's why this webshop-like engine is great for this collection to store these "data".

    It is strange how anyone is aware of an information that a new Kontakt instrument is available to LISTEN TO free of charge and could check if interested, how it sounds! Brrrr.

    Where to come up with new Kontakt instrument demonstration elsewhere then a community established to change information on Kontakt and their any contents like e.g. instruments?

    The latest note of mine:

    If you build a new instrument or else from nothing, why would that be a strange activity to ask others interested what do they think of it, as a first impression???


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    This is what I mean. By reading your words, I can see your enthusiasm and passion about what you do. But disguising an advertising as something else is what makes me lose interest in your passion and enthusiasm. Just try to find another formula and I’m sure your posts will have more comments, more feedback and more interest to them. And maybe this will lead to more people even buying your products.

    But maybe this is only my opinion (and of the people who flagged your post)

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    Btw: “LISTEN TO free of charge” is not a good point. God forbid we also had to pay to listen to an advertising. Brrrrr

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