Battery knobs not working properly

Michael Terry
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My Battery 4.2 knobs are not functioning properly in any way. Rumors say it's waves plugins causing the problem.... Solution is spending 240.00 to upgrade to Waves 13... not happening .

I don't use my waves plugins anywhere near enough to justify that.

Other solution is down grade to the previous version of Battery.... where would I find that version?

I do hope that NI and Waves are working on this issue.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Michael Terry Once again, please check this thread, you can find a link for the installer for Battery 4.1.6. (in Best Answers)

    Battery 4.2.0 - suddenly, knobs/faders don't work

    The issue is on Waves side, this is not a rumour, they fixed it in their latest version of Waveshell (v13). For what reason or if they will fix it for earlier versions you will have to contact them and ask.

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