Guitar Rig 4 & 6 Presets sound different in Guitar Rig 6 !

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maybe around 10-20% of my presets from Guitar Rig 4 and 5 are sounding different in Guitar Rig 6 :/ I wanted to replace my older guitar rig instances for future proof and using the new Guitar Rig 6 features but yeah i got around 20-30 projects where the presets sound different, it is not always the same difference, sometimes the delay, the filter, the stereo and so on. i didnt want to upload now 20 videos :) but i did make 3 examples, maybe someone knows if i can fix this? without sending NI a message.



Example 3

Of course i can also upload the presets. hope someone has any ideas, sometimes it is minor but also a lot of times pretty drastic changed. THX A LOT!



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    Generally we strive for backwards sound compatibility with our Guitar Rig releases. However there have been a few bugfixes since Guitar Rig 4 that may have resulted in sounds not being a 100% identical anymore.

    It would be helpful if you could upload the Guitar Rig 5 and Guitar Rig 6 presets so that we can find out what changed and maybe point you in the direction how to fix this.

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    Hi Eddie, thx so much i appreciate the help! i send you a PM with a downloadlink which containts the Guitar Rig 4/5 Presets and the imported Guitar Rig 6 presets :). thx

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    One observation i made and i resolved some issues with Guitar Rig 6 myself was that QUAD DELAY didnt import the correct values with TIME so i always had to manually adjust mostly 1 step to the left, from 1/1T to 1/2 or 1/4 to 1/8. and so on.

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