Texture of S61 keys sticky?

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So i just upgraded from S49 Mk1 to the S61 MK2 in favor of having the additional octave mostly - and the actual mod wheels (thank God). But i thought it was some sort of cleaning solution from factory but after cleaning the keys off many times with dif cleaners i can’t seem to remedy the keys being sticky to the touch!

it’s like my hands are dirty (they aren’t) lol. And it’s almost like the keys irritate my skin, very dramatic sounding i know. But there is a very distinct difference in the key material of the MK1 vs MK2. Can anyone shed any light on this? I can’t find any posts about it or ways to remedy.


  • Iustin
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    Hi, from the sound of it is about the solution you used on the keys. I suggest you use some professional solution for cleaning musical instruments like MusicNomad The Piano One. It is possible that after so many times of using `dif cleaners` it will not work but, it is worth the try.

  • Kegworth
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    I’ll check that out - but i actually didn’t use anything at all on it for a couple days before trying to wipe them down.

    thanks for the suggestion

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    Try a tiny bit of cooking oil on one key - and not WD-40 'cause it stinks. If it works then clean it.

    And don't use a ton and let it drip in. 😉

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