When reloading Ableton project, why does the Kontakt Automation Parameter name not show?

Martin Schmid
Martin Schmid Member Posts: 64 Member

See video... https://youtu.be/bCsG2b2bL0I

If I had a lot of parameters being automated, this would be a train wreck.

Seems to be a new feature of Kontakt 7.. nice. Or is this specific to Player?

See image.. actually ... seems it is specific to VST (vs VST3)? this is a screenshot after loading a project with Kontakt 6 (Full).. both as VST and VST3. Seems 7 is only VST3. However, note that VST retains the parameter name (track 3).


  • holonology
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    edited April 7

    I have just tried this in case it's any help (full Kontakt here.)

    No video, but having done the exact same test with 40s very own keys, you get the parameter on the first load, but not on reload.

    In comparison, doing this with Arturia Augmented Strings (just by way of comparison) does retain the name of the parameter on reload.

  • holonology
    holonology Member Posts: 51 Member

    Any advance on this one at team NI? @Jeremy_NI ?

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,789 mod

    @Martin Schmid Sorry that I missed your initial post.

    @holonology Thanks for pinging me.

    We could reproduce the issue, filed under bug number: KT-8069

    No idea for a date for a fix yet.

  • holonology
    holonology Member Posts: 51 Member

    Cool, thanks @Jeremy_NI

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