Strummed Acoustic 2: How can I play an F-Ab-D chord?

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I'm trying to play a strummed chord that only consists of these notes: F, Ab, & D.

I don't care if some of them will appear more than once in the chord, as long as it's just these notes.

On Strummed Acoustic 2 I'm selecting the "3-4 Patterns 12-String" instrument

Then on my midi keyboard I'm pressing down on F3, Ab3, & D4 and then I hit Bb3 that produces the strumming. But Strummed Acoustic interprets that as an Fm6 chord which is not correct because an Fm6 chord apparently consists of F, Ab, C, Eb and D which is not what I want.

Is it possible to get what I want ? Granted it's not easy to play a chord that consists solely of notes F, Ab, & D on a real guitar either..

Thank you


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