Sequenced tracks only play once in Logic then are silent

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Hi guys,

Just getting my feet wet here with doing this recording stuff. So here's my issue.

I'm liking these keyboard features that are sequenced. I used ones that are 1/16th notes to get that fun 80's synth sound.

When I record in logic I play my part but when it loops around to repeat the bar/bars, it goes silent, like I didn't play anything. I assume this is a send receive issue with midi or am I way off?

All I know is that there's been a lot of wasted recordings on my computer as when I play back, there's no sound.

Let me know if I need to adjust something simple or if this is just normal.




  • Blindeddie
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    Not a Mac/Logic user, but here is a short Vid on using KK inside logic that may shed some light!

  • EarCandyStudioUG
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    Wow, this keyboard is very powerful. I guess for this to work 100% I need to get some midi cables.

    This M1 Mac is super powerful and at decent price but holy cow do I need to invest in a couple of USB-C Docks. Too many plugs with only 2 spots.

    Thanks again for this vid link, I learned a lot.

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